Hyperreality Show: A Few Plays on the Media and Popular Culture

Written and Directed by Sean Douglass


Jolie LeBell
Joe Picchetti
Alex Johnson
Elodie Senetra
Nate Press
Mitch Weindorf

Assistant Director
Teresa McCarthy
Costume Designer 
Kim Instenes
Lighting Designer 
Colin Gawronski
Stage Manager 
Leah Montesinos


Aaron Sorkin, militant YouTube commenters, dysfunctional fairytale royalty, and a nine-character/five-actor Mexican soap opera collide in Hyperreality Show, a collection of four plays about how we live and engage with a media-soaked culture.  Stagecloud's inaugural production, Hyperreality Show was originally produced at Tenth Street Theatre in Milwaukee, WI from August 7-16, 2015. Watch the trailer below, or follow the link to rent or buy the full production and enjoy professional theater wherever you are!


"Douglass' script cleverly delivers multi-layered comedy...deliciously sophisticated..."

-Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express


Brad and Mr. Sorkin Write a Movie

Following the success of The Social Network, Columbia is ready to develop a new film on social media startups, and they think they've found just the team to do it.  But when their material starts to lack the necessary Hollywood intrigue, Brad, a cocky young screenwriter, decides to take the plot into his own hands.  He wouldn't be the first to embelish a true story for the screen, and his partner is no stranger to creative liberties either.  But what do their audiences really want?  And how far can you adapt a story before you lose the story altogether?

A Group of People Have a Conversation about Science and Religion Over the Internet

A Group of People... is a play in which the dialogue is taken entirely from the comments section for an online video of a high profile science and religion debate.  What happens when you take the fierce, absurd, and often nonsensical arguments that erupt online and reenact them in real life onstage?  It's a battle of the fundamentalists, on all sides of the debate, in this hilarious critique of internet communication and the assumption that science and theology cannot coexist peacefully.  



Isabel, a pragmatic young woman, lives on an hacienda in Mexico with her grandfather Don Raymundo, her vain cousin Graciela, and their dim stablehand Diego.  When they receive word of an imminent pirate attack, they hire Fernando, a suave lawyer from the U.S., to defend the family estate.  But as Graciela becomes the center of a dysfunctional love triangle, and dark secrets are unearthed about Fernando's past, will Isabel be able to save her home before it's too late? Telenoverla, a parody of telenovela tropes, is a farce about love, politics, and the drama people create for themselves.


Fairytale Ending

Prince Caleb and Princess Polaria, adored royalty of the Brightforest Kingdom, have a perfect storybook marriage.  Probably.  Or at least, they used to.  Lately they've been growing a little distant.  And when a careless oversight by Caleb brings their rough patch to the surface, it quickly evolves into a brutally honest, full-contact dissection of their marriage.  Dark, funny, but not without empathy, Fairytale Ending is an investigation of attraction, romantic disillusion, and selflessness in the form of prince vs. princess.