Sell Your Work on Stagecloud!

(It's easy. Really.)

Want to put your production in front of a national audience and make money on it long after it closes? Add your play to Stagecloud's streaming library! The majority of the net revenue from every sale or rental of a play goes back to the artists who worked on the production, allowing companies an additional outlet for funding their work. Any professional theater company in the U.S. is welcome to submit, and inclusion in our library is offered free of charge. 

If you or your company would like to feature a play on Stagecloud, please email us and give us some background on the production. We'd love to hear about your show. If it sounds like it would be a good fit for us, we will continue the process from there. For the fine print on what you'll need to stream a show, see below.

Streaming Policies

For Equity Productions

In all cases, companies must have the rights to digitally distribute the play they are submitting, which includes approval from the cast, director, and playwright. For productions featuring members of Actors' Equity (and other unions), these rights must be acquired in the initial contracts with the artists. Plays previously recorded for archival footage may not be used unless streaming rights were included in the initial contracts. 

If you are interested in having an upcoming Equity production included on Stagecloud, contact us about your coming show and include a description of your company and the play, your anticipated date(s) of filming, and any additional information about the shoot (number of cameras used, whether you are recording a regular performance or special call, etc.) We will work with you and Actor's Equity to draft a proposal that covers all essential show information, including the streaming price, upfront payment for the actors, and residual percentages. For more information on Equity's media requirements, you can read about their media policies here. 

If this sounds complicated, don't worry--it just means determining some changes to the initial Equity contract before rehearsals begin, and we can guide you through that process. 

For Non-Equity Productions 

Companies wishing to upload non-Equity shows are permitted to use archival recordings that did not have streaming mentioned in their initial artist contracts. The actors, director, and playwright must still consent to having their work included on Stagecloud. Residuals for these productions are 70% of all net sales revenue, given to the producing company for distribution among the artists. We require that the actors, director, and playwright all receive a portion of these residuals, as agreed upon in the initial contract. 


We will, of course, only feature content with good quality video and audio. This doesn't necessarily mean an elaborate shoot with multiple cameras, but it must be a clear, vivid recording ready for an audience. We also reserve the admittedly subjective right to evaluate the artistic quality of the production, and may decline a piece that we do not feel is quite ready for international streaming. All work must also include opening and closing credits and a trailer. (A preview clip, with the right editing, may serve as a trailer as well.)

Other Services

If your video is missing credits or a trailer, no problem--we can add credits or edit a trailer for you. We can also edit raw (but good quality) footage into a presentable final product. If you have any editing needs, please include them in your initial inquiry, and we can discuss the cost and size of the project from there.


For inquiries on streaming theater with Stagecloud, 
please contact us at